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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pencarian Personaliti Pilihan Berita Harian 2008
Hotel Legend, Kuala Lumpur
14 Febuari 2009

Back stage was a chaos...shown here I was putting on the make-up for a contestant, Pn. Nor Hafiza who bagged the third place for the day...

Congratulations to Ms Aslinda Nurzianti Amir for winning the heartfelt gratitude to Ms Fadzlena Jafar, Ms Shaidah Shafie aka Kak Shasha, Ms Noor Affizar Ibrahim and the Berita Harian team for a successful event...kak yati of T&T for the marvellous costumes....and of course the amazing, amazing team..AP (not shown in the pic)..Katy..Alia... and's been a tremendous experience!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

...this article dated February 10th, 2009...
..I was one of the 4 make-up artistes involved in the final stage of the search for Personaliti Pilihan Berita Harian 2008...

at the back, from left: AP, Katy and Suraya